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Future Factory

MxD serves as a testbed for new digital manufacturing technology. Among these new products, some of which are tested and installed on our factory floor, are three retrofit kits that collect data from legacy machines and show how digitization is financially feasible for small and medium-sized manufacturers.

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Server Room


As manufacturers digitize and become more interconnected, they must be constantly vigilant with not only their own security practices but also with those of their suppliers.

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Supply Chain

While some manufacturers are still struggling to go paperless, GPS systems are enabling unprecedented visibility into logistics, and online retailers have raised everyone’s expectations on the precision and speed of on-demand delivery.

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Digital Engineering

Digital engineering powers continuous improvement. It’s all about gathering, capturing, integrating, analyzing, and using data to increase efficiency and reduce errors throughout the manufacturing process.

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Workforce Development

From defining the manufacturing jobs of the future to creating a digital manufacturing curriculum for high schools, MxD helps communities inspire, train, and retain a skilled workforce.

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Defense Collaborations

The U.S. Department of Defense is MxD’s founding partner. The two organizations develop new digital manufacturing technologies and co-invest in a large research and development portfolio, now totaling more than $90 million across more than 60 projects.

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The Technology Strategy Overview is a public, high-level summary of the Institute’s Strategic Investment Plan. The 2019 MxD Strategic Investment Plan is made available exclusively to members and includes use case, problem space, and outcome details on each of the proposed projects. Those interested in learning more about these projects or how to become an MxD member should email

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